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Read This First

The Academy of Leonardo’s Apprentice is a 501(c)3  non-profit educational foundation, designed not only to collaborate with public & private educational institutions,  but to include homeschooling groups as well.  

If accepted into this program you should be aware that this is a 6-week program that will require you to be present at all meetings.  This program meets  Monday - Thursday, Time to determined later for Pacific Time slots, with mentor meetings on Monday-Wednesday, or Tuesday-Thursday depending on the team you are placed in.

In order to participate, you should have your own computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) [The Mac computer requires an intel processor] , and access to the Internet.  

Not necessary but  having access to headphones and a microphone while in the 3D immersive environment is a benefit.  You will be able to use your keyboard to communicate as long as you have access to either  an onboard microphone or an external mic.  

Finally, make sure on your commitment.   This is a six week course.   Students will meet online with their mentor two times per week.  Teams will be set and will work together to create, design, and build their project.  In addition, to the personal meeting with your mentor you will have access to course work online to complete.  At the end of this program a badge for the project and a certificate of completion will be given out.

There is no cost for this program, but the number of students allowed into the program is dictated by team size and online environment.


Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

Registrations Steps

If you have read the above and can meet the requirements then you next step would be to fill out the contact form to the right.

Once we receive it, you will receive an email with that confirmation.

If you are accepted into this program you will be notified and given access to create your personal membership that will allow you access to the 3D Immersive Environment Portal.

This course  is designed to be project-based and student-directed.  It is a new educational format that compliments the 21st Century student.

A sketch of a human-machine hybrid
3d model of a human-machine hybrid

Registration Form

You will be notified if accepted

Project: ethics in Met-ai

This project explores the ethics of A.I.

Students will explore the processes on how machine learning works, as well as discuss where the weaknesses are in the ML process and how industries might protect consumer interactions with A.I. machines by avoiding poor population and sample collections, as well as the ML training process. 

Students will explore the Three Laws of Robotics created by Isaac Asimov, scientist and writer, and examine how these laws might help future A.I. developers.

Student project is to create and develop a human virtual machine, using Python,  that will search the Web through oral commands.  

Our Corporate Partners and Contributors

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