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In this section, you will find ALA programs which will be offered for high school students for this coming summer, as well as future programs.  Teachers may sign up for curriculum that they can modify for their own class projects.   The first pilot program will be launched on January 29, 2022.  The summer program, Ethics in Met-AI will be launched in June 2022.   ALA focuses on science, engineering, and the Arts (S.E.A.) hands-on, project-based, and student-directed programs.

The upcoming 2022 summer program is a six week S.E.A. program.  There is no cost for this program, but there is a limit to the number of high school students who can participate.   More information on this program can be found below along with other future programs created and developed by the Academy of Leonardo's Apprentice.

A dark robotic figure from the game "Atactic"
A robot with a shotgun from the game "Atactic"

Atactic: O2O

Humans have only explored only a fraction of Earth's oceans, and yet, on Ganymede,  a moon that orbits Jupiter,  lies a water world larger than anything on Earth.  To explore that world we need to know more about this one.  How will A.I. aid in exploring a foreign moon?  What type of robotic controls will be needed?  How do we prepare for the unknown world with possible unknown dangers?  Oceans 2 Oceans  is a program exploring A.I., Oceanography, space flight, robotics, programming and more.

An illustration of a man hiding in a dragon cave
A dragon illustration from the game "Dragons Lair"

Dragons Lair

The project focuses on building a D&D AI game.  In D&D games  a human D&D Master  controls the flow of the game, tasks, and quests.  What happens when an A.I. program has control of the game?  This is a fun project that will teach programming, how flowcharts work, how multimedia can be used to enhance a game of chance and adventure.  

An illustration of a monster from "The Unknown" game
"The Unknown"'s lead character, illustrated in dark colours

Project: Icarus

Drones have become very popular, but human controlling them have had serious to fatal accidents.  What if, A.I. controlled the drones for tasks like delivery and filming.  In this program, students learn about A.I., programming, drones, and flight.  This is a project with future implications and promises.  

Martian Quest's lead character, illustrated in bright colours
Martian Quest's lead character, illustrated in bright colours

Ethics in Met-AI

The metaverse is no longer fiction, but being explored and used everyday.  This is a four-week online program series that will focus on ethics and AI., and we will explore it within a metaverse environment. 

The projects contain:

 1.  Learning to program AI through Python

 2.  What are the ethical challenges in A.I.

 3.  Build an A.I. Virtual Assistant Project

 4.  Work in student teams within an online 3D Immersion

      Virtual Environment

5.  Complete the project for an ALA Certificate

REGISTER TODAY.  This summer program has a limited number of  H.S. students.  Click below for more information.


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