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The Ethics in A.I.

Students first learn about their own human biases and prejudices and how to identify them.  Then how these biases can affect A.I. programmers, data collectors, machine learning algorithms and finally the end users.

Critical Thinking Skills

In programs, such as ours, that strongly emphasizes student-directed programs, we move from students immediately seeking answers to learning how to ask better questions.  This, in turn, helps in developing better communication and problem-solving skills.

A.I. Facial Recognition

These lessons cover what artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology are, what their differences are, as well as how they are being used. Topics and issues regarding ethics, security, and privacy are also presented.

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Summer 2022 Testimonials

Lisa Ing

Not only did I learn more about the importance of AI ethics, but I also learned more about myself! I highly encourage students to take this course not only for its technical knowledge, but also for the personal growth.

Everardo Rocha

 I want to say thank you very much Mr. Romero, for this opportunity you gave us I really appreciate it.  I highly recommend other students to consider the benefits I received taking this course.

Carolina Dominquez

The study of the Metaverse was something that I didn't think too much about, but through this course and the meetings we had I really gained a bigger interest in this.  I now think about it everyday!  The lessons were also quite enticing.  

Benson Manzano

 I highly recommend this course for other students to learn about not only the excitement of the future but also the problems that exist that we as the new generation must acknowledge and understand. 

Online Project-Based Learning

Welcome to the Academy of Leonardo's Apprentice, where we create and develop project-based lessons that introduce emerging technologies that are student-directed.

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