Summer Leonardo's Workshop

What the Academy of Leonardo's Apprentice is working on is a program that will introduce how science and engineering work together with the Arts to innovate and invent new ideas.  This will be a three-week hands-on program for secondary students grades 10 - 12.  Another program working for students in grades 8 - 9 will also be launched as a two-week summer program.

Online Community

Another program is being developed for the global community.  it will be an online platform that will connect students from all over the world with the purpose of establishing small communities of Leonardo's Apprentice.  The platform will allow students to connect, share, and work on current problem-solving issues being faced by community members.  Register today to get more information.  There is no charge.


art of Science

Leonardo drew out plans for a reflector telescope 200 years before Sir Isaac Newton invented his.

Today, astronomers can view the universe through light wavelengths that are normally invisible to the human eye.  Click on the clink below to see our galaxy when viewed through light filters.


Science of art

From the size of a galaxy to nano-size.  Take a journey through your eyes into one eye and you might find out what you consider as very very small is really very large.

Click on the image below and enjoy the journey.



Learn how a paper toy invented in Japan back in the 17th Century helped 21st Century NASA engineers package and unfold a very complicated satellite.

Click on the link below to learn more.


Science of Patterns

As Leonardo da Vinci studied nature he looks for patterns.  Then he made notes of his observations.  From his notes, he then looked for the same pattern in other things.

Click the link below to see how scientists and engineers find their patterns.

patterns in nature.jpg

ALA Summer Workshop

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